Increasing Her WiFi Range Saved Her Job By Getting Access To Lightning-Fast Internet Everywhere In Her Home Area

(Literally Everywhere — Garden Included)

This pocket-sized WiFi Booster massively increases speed, stabilizes connections, and expands internet coverage for homes around the world. It is estimated to reach sales records this month due to its "dirt-cheap" sale price. Read on to learn how it can help you as well.

Continue reading to find out how a small, but highly-efficient WiFi booster device, generated complete area coverage & increased the internet speed for a desperate mother with two kids and how it can do the same for you.

Not only did it help her reduce the cost of her internet bills, it improved the quality of life for her entire family. In fact, it proved to be a lifesaver in disguise.

As you probably already know, everything changed last year. Stress, panic, and instability are common feelings. Nearly every industry has been forced to move its operations into the already crowded online world.

New internet traffic spiked around the world and pushed standard connections to their breaking points. In fact, internet connections in many parts of the world simply couldn’t handle the load. It was simply too much. Nobody expected such a rapid change in lifestyle, but there are tools to help.

Sharon, a 48-year-old mother living together with her two, 15-year-old kids secured her dream job in 2019 (before everything went to hell) and put a lot of hard work into it.

Unfortunately, she had to adapt when her dream job company had to move its activities online.

BOOM! Now everyone was using the internet at home, including her two children attempting school online. As each device came online, the connection became more and more horrible and unstable.

As a sales manager, her job was CRITICAL for the company so ensuring a solid connection for her home was important. She tried her best to remain positive, but garbled video calls felt very unprofessional, and relying on online-only tools proved to be a huge struggle for her internet connection in the geographical area she was living in.

She needed a more powerful WiFi signal that boosted and extended her home coverage. But this was something she couldn’t afford at the time.

The company warned her that unless she immediately fixed her connection issues, which was making her seem unproductive and unprofessional, they would have to let her go.

Sharon was in a very tough spot. She knew she had to talk to a lot of potential customers using many online tools, but she could barely get them to work when everyone at home was online at the same time.

Not to mention, there were a lot of dead zones throughout her house which forced her to remain still and try to work from a fixed position, unable to move — especially during a client call.

It felt like a cage for her… a cage in her own home.

Relatable, isn’t it?

This was her only job. A job that provided food, shelter, and an overall sense of well-being for her and her two children. She HAD to do something to secure her job and assure their survival. She needed to find a more powerful internet connection that would cover even the furthest corners of her house with perfectly flowing internet.

But how could she find a way to do that? She wasn’t an expert in tech stuff. Though she knew the power of searching on the internet. Even though she had a terrible WiFi connection she was able to do some simple searches. So she started looking for cheap ways to boost her internet connection in the fastest, simplest, and most affordable way possible.

Initially, she found a lot of methods that were promising to boost your WiFi speed. Things like "magic" internet boosting apps or sketchy desktop software apps that change registers on your computer with the promise of boosting internet speeds.

Unfortunately, Sharon found out that none of these really worked for real. She tried every single method out there. If they "boosted" anything, it sure wasn’t significant enough for her needs.

Aside from her needs like video calls, collaborative meeting software, the need to reply fast and always be online, she had two children that always wanted to play high-bandwidth demanding video games, while at the same time participating in online classes.

Her frustration regarding her home WiFi speed and broadband range is completely understandable. Her job depended on stability, and at the same time, so did the education and entertainment of her children. Nothing was going smoothly…

Sharon pondered, "what I really need is a more stable connection and larger broadband range, right? I already have an internet connection, what if I just amplify what I already have? Is that possible?"

Sharon wasn’t the only one in this frustrating situation. In fact, the entire world was facing similar issues struggling to adapt to a new normal.

Meanwhile, a really smart company foresaw this need in the market months before the pandemic and were fortunately ready to launch the new product shortly after things got out of hand.

Who would have expected that the launch would help save lives, help people remain connected, and help secure jobs? While searching for a solution, Sharon stumbled upon the SpeedTech WiFi Booster & Extender — soon to become the world’s most efficient WiFi booster.

Imagine finding the exact thing you need, WHEN you need it. Sharon felt like she was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but instead of just seeing it, she grabbed it with both hands.

She immediately placed her order because finding a product as it hits the market at the perfect time is quite rare. (I’m not sure if you can still place an order, their stock is highly limited due to massive demand).

The courier delivered her new WiFi Booster ASAP (in a matter of days in fact, they seem to have amazingly fast delivery times).

When she opened her package she found a simple, elegant white device and a step-by-step "How to Install" guidebook. She wondered for a few seconds, "Is this all?"

The step-by-step guide clearly explained how to install the new device.

How to Install SpeedTech WiFi Booster

  • Step 1. Open the package
  • Step 2. Plug WiFi Booster into a standard home electrical outlet
  • Step 3. Verify that all four mini LED lights are lit
  • Step 4. Enjoy your new stable, extended WiFi connection

Is it truly that simple?" Sharon asked herself. "There’s only one way to find out."

She plugged her new WiFi Booster into an electrical outlet, waited for all four LED lights to be lit, and after a few seconds she nearly freaked out: "Mom! I can finally play Fortnite!” she heard from her garden (the WiFi had never reached that far before).

"I can hear my teachers clearly, Mom! What did you do?” The other voice came from the teen’s room which had barely had a working internet connection before.

BOOM! Notification, after notification, after notification… were popping from her laptop and phone.

She couldn’t believe what was happening.

She felt like she was getting back in contact with the whole world again... like a flowing river.

She immediately saw dozens of emails and tasks, some of which were really important and time-sensitive in order to properly lead her department.

"Yes, my internet works! I am here! It’s fixed! Finally!”

She literally wrote these words to her team leader and was crying with joy.

The WiFi Booster device saved her job, which ultimately saved her and her family.

The Benefits

SpeedTech WiFi Booster enabled her to:

  • Have a stable internet WiFi connection
  • Browse the internet with a way faster speed (up to 300Mb/s)
  • Cover all the dead spots with high-speed WiFi internet in her house (garden included)
  • Increase productivity by managing all the required tasks at her online job
  • Give her children education by being able to participate in online classes
  • Make her children happy by having the possibility to play their favorite online video games
  • Achieve freedom by working from home in any area of the home

How does the WiFi Booster work? It's as simple as 1-2-3.

It's quite simple, really. It works as an enhancer and improves what you already have. This is the main reason why SpeedTech WiFi Booster sales exploded in recent months.

It builds on what you already have — similar to taking vitamins. The connection you receive from your ISP provider doesn’t always flow properly and it has downfalls and blockages.

That’s what the device is made to fix. It amplifies the signal you already receive and extends its range by allowing it to flow properly — which ultimately provides you with a stable, high-speed WiFi connection all around your home.

If you feel like:

  • Internet pages load slowly
  • The videos you watch always interrupt or buffer (YouTube, Netflix, other online streaming sites)
  • You can’t see a movie without getting frustrated
  • Your voice connection is garbled
  • Your video calls are really distorted
  • It takes an eternity for online tools to load
  • Your current WiFi connection can’t handle more than one user at a time
  • There are dead zones throughout your home
  • Online video games experience severe lag
  • WiFi connection appears/disappears frequently for no apparent reason
  • You pay too much for internet access and don’t have the speed or coverage you want

Then, it’s YOUR DUTY to place an order to get your hands on the SpeedTech WiFi Booster today. With so many incredibly positive reviews it's probably a wise decision to order now before they run out.

But before I recommend and review such a fantastic product, had to give it a shot myself (they have a 30-day refund policy so you can shop with ease of mind).

My experience:

Week 1:

I love traveling to remote, isolated places (especially these days) so I decided to go to a mountain resort. In my cabin, I just plugged it right into the electrical outlet, turned on my laptop, and had full 5-star WiFi bars. The loading speed rocketed instantly on every new page I opened. It was astonishing... like I had a personal, portable internet box.

Week 2:

I decided to test the device deeper in the countryside, so I got myself a room at a motel (you know how nearly non-existent the WiFi is at motels due to so many concurrent users). Concerned if it would work, I plugged into the motel room electrical outlet. Pleasantly surprised only a few seconds later, I could immediately stream Netflix and YouTube videos. It felt amazing.

Week 3:

I was already convinced, but decided to take it a step further and test it at my own home (which already has pretty decent, stable internet speed). To really see what it could do, I decided to downgrade my internet plan to the "basic” package in order to test the true power of the WiFi Booster.

After my ISP confirmed the downgrade, I plugged the WiFi Booster into the electrical outlet at home. It didn’t feel quite as strong as before with my "Premium” package, but it was STILL EXTREMELY STRONG AND STABLE — even using the "basic" package.


I really couldn’t ask for more from this device. This could completely change standard home internet issues nowadays. I’m glad I had the opportunity to test it. It's certainly getting two thumbs-up from me!

SpeedTech WiFi Booster

In fact, I liked it so much I knew other friends and family members would like some in their homes as well. I decided to stock up and purchase a few extra units to share as gifts.

I know stock is limited and it is selling quickly, but I was able to order five more for family and friends. You should get as many as you need now so you have them before they run out.

As of now, there are still 150 units left and they currently offer FREE shipping and a huge 50% OFF discount — so HURRY UP! The chance to massively boost your internet speed and broadband range won’t last forever.

How do I order my SpeedTech WiFi Booster?

I don’t want you to miss out on this incredible deal. I will leave you a link below (if it still works).

Alert: When I placed my extra order there were only 150 units left at the 50% OFF and FREE shipping deal (just before writing this article).

Hurry up & check to see if you can still get it.

Warning: Due to extreme demand worldwide other companies may try to sell you a "fake" or "lower-performing" version of the WiFi Booster. To avoid this, use the link in the article below to make sure you order the original one and get your hands on high-speed WiFi!

Hurry up! This opportunity won’t be here forever!

(click to see if free shipping discount also applies)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:When will I receive it?

A:All orders will be shipped the following business day after order confirmation. Please allow 7-10 business days for standard delivery. You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number after your order is shipped. You may track your package with the shipment tracking details provided via email upon purchase. Thank you for your business!

Q:Can I set this up myself?

A:Step 1. Plug-in into your wall.

Step 2. Search for the Wifi Booster signal.

Step 3. Click on Connect and enjoy high-speed internet.

Q:Can I use more than one SpeedTech WiFi Booster in the same home? Will this make the signal even stronger?

A:Yes, the signal will get even stronger and you will get an even better price for buying more. 3 units are the typical "sweet spot" for maximum WiFi speed and extended coverage.

Q:Is there a limit to how many devices can connect to SpeedTech WiFi Booster?

A:Each WiFi Booster is configured to handle the demands of a typical home.

Q:Will I be able to use older devices (laptop, PC, TV, smartphone)?

A:Yes, WiFi Booster works with ANY and all WiFi-enabled devices regardless of generation or model.

Q:Will I be able to use it in typical dead zone areas (basement, garage, outside)?

A:Yes, you can place it ANYWHERE and still get a strong, stable WiFi connection.

Hurry before stock runs out!